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1 1 1 9 New Ynrlc Quarantine — Cholera. — The following communication has I n received from l>r. \\ illiam II. Smith, health allied- at the poil of New York, under date of the 5th instant : " The steamship AleBia, from Marseilles, August 29th, and Naples, October 3d, with doxycycline 100 most of her cargo taken at Marseilles — at Naples Bhe received her cargo by lighters — arrived at this quarantine, and was in- spected the un. ruing of September 28d. The report ol the surgeon Bhowed that there bad been eight deaths on board, six of "Inch were unquestionably cholera. All the cases reported were fatal. Foui cases wen* found in hospital sick with the disease, and four cases were dis- covered when purchase doxycycline inspecting the passengers. I may here refertoth that the bill of health from the consul at Naples declared that 'there had been many cases of cholera at Naples and vicinity for the last live weeks. The exact number could nol be ascertained. The mortality of those attacked is 70 per rent.' (Consular bill of health.) The well passengers were removed the same day to Hoffman Island for ob tion, and the get doxycycline sick to Swinburne bland Hospital. The Dumber ol 45ii MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Mkd. Joce. on board on arrival was eight ; twenty eases have developed among the passengers since they have been under observation to this date ; five of those removed from the vessel have died doxycycline where to buy and three recovered. Of those that have developed while in quarantine, nine have died, four have recovered, five are convalescent, and the remaining two are now seriously ill. The disease has been very virulent and rapid in its fatal- ity in a majority of the cases; in several instances patients that were well at doxycycline online inspection in the afternoon were nearly or quite pulseless within twelve hours. At this date there has been no development of cases among the immigrants lor the past two days. The steamer was twice washed with scalding water from the boilers through the hose in every accessible part, and immediately after this washed in every part with a solution of corrosive sublimate, two parts to one thousand. The hatches had been closed and sealed and covered with tarpaulin before the passengers were taken on board, except three cabin passengers, taken at Marseilles. All the immigrants were removed to Hoffman island. Immediately subsequent to the buy doxycycline washings with the solution '>i mercuric chloride, after breaking out the cargo to the bottom of the hold, one hundred pounds of sulphur was burned in the hold, the hatches of the spar-deck being closed for ten or twelve hours. The disinfection by where to get doxycycline the solution before mentioned was the nest day repeat- where can i buy doxycycline ed, every accessible portion of the vessel being washed with it by brooms or sponges, followed by the combustion of one hundred and fifty pounds of doxycycline purchase online sulphur, the hatches being again closed until the follow- ing riling. Every textile fabric — carpets, mats, the dunnage and clothing of the crew — was immersed in boiling water for a consider- able time by the introduction of steam through hose attached to the boilers. Finally, all exposed portions of doxycycline 100mg the steamer, doxycycline to buy except the saloons, including the forecastle, were repainted. how can i get doxycycline The steamer was detained in the lower bay fourteen days. The well passengers were removed to Hoffman Island for how to buy doxycycline observation, and the sick to Swinburne Island how to get doxycycline Hospital the day of their arrival at doxycycline order where can i get doxycycline quarantine. The cleansing and disinfection of the baggage of the immigrants commenced immedi- ately thereafter. A large tank that can be securely closed, having a perforated pipe, and extending from the bottom to the under side of the lid, and connecting with a large I toiler used for heating the build- ings i- used in part for the disinfection. Two rooms, fifteen 100 mg doxycycline by twen- ty feet each, made as close as possible, are used to disinfect by the combustion of sulphur. Each piece doxycycline mg of baggage and every article of clothing have been subjected to sulphurous-acid doxycycline cheap gas thus produced for several hours, in the ratio of thiee pounds to each one thousand cubic feet of air-space. The disinfection by moist-steam heat has been at the same time constantly in progress; the clothing is subjected to this process for at least three hours. Barrels of a solution of bichloride of mercury of the strength before mentioned are placed in the closets and

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