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Cabinet outplacement

RH PARTNERS, Human Resources Consultancy

We stand by you while help bringing the best of your human resources, whether we contribute in recruitment, professional evolution or selected human resources and organizational consulting efforts.

Indeed, whether your needs relate to Recruitment, Outplacement, Coaching, Assessment of Competencies, Training, or Organizational HR Management, we bring pragmatic solutions to specific areas of interests.

You may actively be searching for a targeted opportunity or just willing to explore a new challenge would it come to you, we are confident to propose the right job offer that will fulfill your quest and bring keen satisfaction to you.

For RH PARTNERS, to help recruit someone means to ensure the candidate will effectively integrate in the new environment while his profile matches the Company’s needs. We are professionally certified and may assist you either selectively or from the very beginning to the end of a given process.

Calling on us to help assess, advise, coach, outplace individuals or organize your teams, you will effectively benefit from a strong added value that will highly optimize people’s skills and human resources management as a whole.

The RH PARTNERS practices adhere to renowned and respected professional institutions such as the French-based Syntec, hence bringing you the guarantee of the highest standards of ethics and management.

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